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From: John Thomas Foxworthy
Location: Los Angeles, California 

Did you hear? Business Insider reports that tech jobs are most likely to be replaced by A.I very soon… 

… Considering over 7.3 million people are employed in tech roles in the United States ALONE – 

I’m sure you can see A LOT of hard-working people are going to lose their jobs – and you could too. 

Look, I’m not sure if you’ve seen, but A.I. is progressing faster than anyone could’ve ever predicted. 

On November 30th, 2022, Chat GPT 3.0 was released to the public. 

Less than a year later, on March 14th 2023, Chat GPT 4.0 was rolled out – which is ten times MORE powerful than GPT 3 (the previous version). 

Which means, 

In Less Than A Year, The Power Of A.I. Increased By Tenfold! 

And if you think Chat GPT 5.0 is going to release in the next 2, 3, or 5 years… you’d be dead wrong. 

(It’s rolling out in mid 2024… and depending on when you’re reading this… it could be out right now). 

Plus, with Google coming out with their own A.I. (Gemini), you can only imagine how much FASTER A.I. is going to advance.

This is why when I hear tech executives claiming their jobs are “safe” for the next 20, 30, 50 years until retirement… I cringe. 

If A.I. has increased by more than 10X in less than 2 years – Imagine where it’ll be in the next 5 years?

Based on the current trajectory of Artificial Intelligence- 

I feel like a ton of tech executives are going to lose their jobs in the coming years… 

And look, I’m not saying this to scare you. Instead, I’m preparing you for what’s inevitably coming.

In fact, 

I’m Going To Show You How To Safeguard Your Career… Add An Extra $100,000 To Your Salary With Artificial Intelligence… While Your Peers Are Losing Their Jobs.

You see, this isn’t the first time technology has replaced a profession. 

Before the invention of the automobile, many people made a living by driving horse-drawn carriages. 

(They were called Coachmen). 

When Henry Ford made the automobile accessible to the average person, the demand for automobiles skyrocketed! 

And as a result, coachmen were forced out of work. 

However, instead of throwing in the towel… 

Some coachmen learned how to drive, and they became the first taxi drivers. 

Considering that was a brand-new industry at the time, there were very few Taxi drivers around. 

And if you know anything about supply and demand- 

Because the supply of taxi drivers was LOW, the demand was raging HIGH! 

In fact, those coachmen made MORE money driving automobiles than riding horses. 

Which means, Tech Executives who are going to learn A.I. – will not only secure their career. But, they’re going to make A LOT more money with the rise of Artificial Intelligence. 

Now: In case we’ve never met, my name is John Thomas Foxworthy, and I’m the leading A.I. instructor at Caltech – which is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. 

Additionally, I coach large corporate teams on A.I. and now, -- helping individuals (like you) become in-demand, increase their salary, land promotions, and achieve job security using A.I. 

I’ve been able to turn individuals with ZERO technical & A.I. experience – into the top 1% of Artificial Intelligence experts, in just a few months! 

And If You Want To Get Ahead Of Your Peers In Skills, Knowledge, And Earning Power In Minimum Time – Let’s Talk.

I suggest we get on a short 10-15 minute call, where I’ll create a blueprint on how you can learn how to use Artificial Intelligence, and leverage it to add an additional $100,000 to your salary – while securing your career.

AI Instructor At Caltech

Who is John Foxworthy?

Data Scientist & Seasoned Educator

Armed with a Master's degree in Data Science from Northwestern University

- Top Ten Ranked University in the U.S.

- 12 Graduate Level Courses in Data Science

- Master's Thesis on Artificial Intelligence.

John is a deep learning forecasting aficionado. He has mastered the art of analyzing numerical data, images, and text using AI. His keen understanding of complex algorithms drives his prowess in propelling the data science industry.

John's passion for quantitative analysis and predictive modeling sparked at UCLA, where he earned an Economics degree. His compelling undergraduate thesis on the boundaries of econometric modeling was the stepping stone to his data science mastery.

John is more than a data scientist; he's a seasoned educator with a passion for guiding others toward their career ambitions. He understands the hurdles of transitioning to data science, and his crafted curriculum goes beyond teaching technical skills—it empowers students to excel in their new-found careers.

John is also an AI instructor at the University of California, San Diego, Extended Studies

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